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27 Dissecting Commercials v.1

If you're going to get stuck watching TV here in the Philippines, I think you're going be quite surprised to find out that commercials would usually be much longer than the actual TV show that you're watching. But for us, it is now an acceptable fact of our daily TV viewing pleasure here - especially when there's a Pacquiao fight. On free TV, Pacmans fight are fully loaded with commercials from hog feeds to shampoos to energy drinks to politicians who uses public funds for their commercials to build up their images.

It could be also true to say that some of the commercials are much worth watching than the TV programs where it had appeared. I guess that's why some commercials are being actually embedded into the script of some primetime telenovelas. I bet you have noticed that one too especially that popular coffee brand.

In fact, our generation today is heavily bombarded with commercials. or advertisements. The billboards along our major thoroughfares are just one of the proof that businesses and companies are doing everything just to get hold of our precious pesos.

That is why more than ever, in this highly-commercialized world, we need to be vigilant and critical of what we see and hear from them. No matter how flashy or grandiose these commercials, we should always see whether there is still some truth in their ads and if there's an underlying message that is too dangerous for young minds to capture.

That's why I feel the need to have a special once in a blue moon segment here in my blog that I'm calling as Dissecting Commercials. A special segment that would try to look deeper in today's commercials - whether print, TV, radio or the internet.

And for my first offering, we're going to dissect the latest TVC of Globe.


The first time I saw their ad, I knew that there's something wrong about it but I just cannot comprehend on that during that time. As you can see, that guy in blue jacket (well, blue is the 'official hue' of Globe) is being chased by what seems to me as a group of gangsters. Maybe that guy had passed by the gangsters' territory so they want to lay their hands on him.

Then he decided to 'make pa-Globe' (natawa ako sa isang ito, haha.. :D) at Aling Geena's store. I'm quite surprised that after a few seconds, lo and behold (my favorite phrase), more than 200 of his friends had suddenly appeared for help and they all retaliated by now chasing the 'guys in black' who had threatened their friend.

Then as the commercial ends, their 'leader' (I supposed it was their leader) had decided to 'make pa-Globe' too.

What's wrong with that? It kinda promotes more riots on the streets.


This commercial had depicted a grim picture of most of us youth today: most of us are involved in riots. Lately, we have seen lots of news about teenagers engaged in deadly riots because of 'masamang tingin' or they had just passed by a gang's territory. Riots had never ended because they would always revenge against the other group for what they did.

Now through this latest commercial, we have found a new way to gather all our 'barkadas' to defend us or fight in another riot. The commercial never showed any scene where there's a riot going on. But the commercial is so suggestive. Come to think of it: how would a scene like that where hundreds of teenagers are chasing another group of teenagers end up and where the now chased teenagers have called for reinforcements?

But I guess, the catchy background music played throughout the commercial have toned down and make most of the viewers of this commercial desensitized from the underlying message it had shown. It made the whole commercial look like as something fun and cool. That's why we just accept as just one of the ordinary deceptive commercials we see everyday.


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  1. Naku, globe na nga ako eh, kaso eto tatalong araw nang walang signal, buset nga eh, haha.. kaya tuloy naisip ko na katayin commercial nila. :P

  2. Sabi lang ng globe na pag gamit mo ang sim nila, abot mo ang mundo [[: lahat naman ng network may flaws eh.

  3. agree po akey sa observation mo

    maling mensahe ang nais iparating ng commercial

    gumamit ng load para may back up pag rambol

  4. i’m okay with the other commercial though what annoys me the most is the other who exaggerates. and the fact na may show ka pang pinapanood, tapos all of these commercials came flashing sa screen mo. and then all you got is little time to watch the show. nakakainis :-/ and all those lies sa mga advertisements. huh, i'm not buying it.

  5. Globe has not been very careful about some of its tvcs. If you can remember their Gentxt ad where it showed that even if this one girl/boy already held this pair of shoe, this other girl/boy still got that last pair in the store because he/she had a gentext card. Implying that a card holder can have anything he wants beacause he/she has a gentext card.

    There even was this other one I just forgot that was so off that it never really stayed on air for a long time.

  6. okay. totoo yan.
    lalo na pag boxing yung palabas. haha. :))

    Para sa ibang category naman ng commercials..isama mo na rin yung commercial ng LBC. lol.
    haha. nakakaloka yung commercial na yun.

  7. spell remittance= capital LBC

    edu: tumpak!

    hehe! buti nawala na yang commercial na yan. nakakabobo sa mga kids.

  8. hi. thanks for visiting my blog. anyway. link exchange? i have added you already in my blogroll. pls add mine here. thanks.. see this:

  9. hi. thanks for visiting my blog. anyway. link exchange? i have added you already in my blogroll. pls add mine here. thanks.. see this:

  10. To CayyCayy: Yup. Aware ako na lahat ng network may flaws pero kung sa pinakamaraming flaws na lang, Globe na un.

    To period: Oo nga eh. Magulo na nga ang buhay ng kabataan ngayon gagawa pa sila ng mga commercial na ganun.

    To N: Dapat talaga lahat ng tao eh hindi bilhin ang mga pakulo nila na un.

    To Inkversified: 'Di ko alam iyan ah. Kung may 'record' na sila na ganun, I guess we expect more from them na mga commercial na ganito.

    To Anonymous: sana sa susunod di ka na anonymous.. :P anyway, oo nga eh, kaso madami na ang tumalak sa isyu na yan. dun ako sa mga di napapansin ng karamihan. :)

    To doctor in pink: That's only because people have stood up against the wrong message sent by the commercial.

  11. I rarely pay attention to television ads but the LBC commercial irked me alot. I was mumbling about what would possibly happen if ever those young kids would see that ad. You're right about the Globe ad. I didn't realize it until I read your post.Thanks

  12. salamat po. na add na po kita don sa blogroll ko.hope to hear from you very often..

  13. sino yung tae, ay tao pala dun sa unang pic? haha.

  14. To Lolii-Pii: Salamat. :)

    To Pamelaa: Ewan, nakita ko lang yan sa net. :D

  15. buti pa yong commercial nung noodles yung bata ba umiiyak? sabi 'practice ako ng practice, Nay bakitttt?' nakakaiyak.hehe

  16. Seriously, I'm really annoyed with the commercials during breaks. I mean, c'mon! Ang paulit-ulit yung commercials, nakakabagot na noh. :| Especially during boxing fights and those politicians who plan to run for election next yr. :|

  17. To Miong: Ung commercial na un, puwede mo siya ireccomend kasi it promotes self-confidence lalo na sa mga bata na kahit 'natalo' kay may second chance ka pa. :)

    To dibina: 'di lang ikaw ang naiinis sa mga commercials. madami tayo. :P pero gaya nga ng sinabi ko, minsan mas nakakaaliw pa ang mga commercials kaysa sa mismong napapanood natin. :)

  18. during college lunch breaks, may tinatambayan kameng student canteen na may tv...pag regular programming kumakain kame, pag commercial saka kame nanonood, past time lang...discussion kung anong maganda o panget dun sa commercial, anong turning point, anong pang-akit, anong nakakakuha ng atensyon.

    u got a nice observation...kaya bilib ako sa mga commercial na nag-iinstill ng values.

  19. And the LBC commercial has also become an issue as it was said that it affects those young kids in school. My father told us the story of his office mate's son who, during class, was asked by his teacher to spell a particular word. Believe it or not, the kid answered, "L-B-C!". Yeah, very saddening.

  20. What's that coffee brand you are referring to?

    I should salute you for a very well presented interpretation of the Globe commercial. Well, I never thought of that. What I thought of the commercial was that it was just a copied idea from the Talk N' Text wherein Ceasar Montano or was it Ding Dong Dantes asked for help from his textmates.

  21. To madz: Nescafe un. Napadalas ung pagincorporate ng mala-commercial na eksena dun sa All About Eve sa GMA nito lang nakaraan.

  22. good article and nice blog friend.sorry i'm don't speaking english

  23. This is a nice article. oo nga, mas mahaba pa talaga ang commercial :-(

  24. Commercials are too long and too many that they're already sickening. A 30-minute show is reduced to half, because 15 mins. of it have been dedicated to ads.
    As for the Globe commercial, I never thought of it the way you did. I actually thought that ad was a bit senseless.
    I still disapprove of the LBC ad more.

  25. yep i don;t like the concept :)


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