Monday, May 25, 2009

2 What a Week - Randomized (Part 2)

Hello EVERYONE! Thank you very much because I've won the 3rd SPOT in the FILIPINO BLOG of the WEEK by The Composed Gentleman. I am really grateful that I have been able to force you to vote for me, haha.. :D

Muli, hindi na ako mamimilit, haha.. :D I would just like to ask you to PLEASE VOTE FOR MY BLOG: PROJECT DENNIO under the heading Vote Here which can be found at his SIDEBAR. Thanks. :D

I'm just hoping that you'd still support me all the way even though I will not force you to, haha.. :)


Here is the continuation of my week in review. :) (May 17-23, 2009)


The second dream was quite nightmarish in type and the 'characters' in my dream involves me and my sister. We were fighting a devilish creature outside our window. The creature with very big, red eyes and two large horns at its head. The scene had happened inside our room (we share the same room). It was quite very short because all that I could remember was that it was trying to get inside our room and we are trying to ward it off using our pillows.

Then after some time, I decided to get the Bible I had on our bedside table (or it is not really a table because it contains all our toys, you know the freebies from the kiddie meals, haha.. :D). Then I let the 'monster' see it and it seemed to be scared but still is very persistent in trying to break in.

Then out of nowhere, my sister suddenly slapped the 'devilish creature' hard on its face and then suddenly disappeared.


After I had those dreams, I was really sweating profusely. It also kinda bothered me and made me wonder why I had such dreams.

The first 'interpretation' that came into my mind for the first dream is it seems that I would be leading my family (or my parents) to danger. Hindi siguro panganib, baka sa sobrang kahihiyan.

Maybe it was one way of telling me that I still have that feeling that I brought my entire family into shame because I had been 'evicted' or 'expelled' from THE University of the Philippines. It was like I was running away from the war and instead of saving my family from the advancing enemy. I brought them in the enemy HQ.

Still, it could have other interpretations and I would like to know what do you think about it.


On the second dream. I believe it is one way of saying that my sister can really do something extraordinary that she can literally save us from 'devilish creatures.' I believe she had been 'undervalued' by many people in the past. But being her 'kuya', I had so much belief in her that she got so much potential but she is just too shy or timid to show and use it.

Then something came into my mind. The two dreams were connected.

I unexpectedly brought in my family to shame. My sister would retrieve us from it in the most unexpected way.


My company had almost 'crashed' this week. It almost went into 'bankruptcy.' I really need to learn a lot in 'running a company' and last week taught me lots of lessons. One, exert a little authority over your 'employees.' Two, read the instructions carefully. Last, be prepared for the worst.

As of now, I had been able to recover quite a bit from what happened. I just hope that everything would go well for the next few months. :)


That's all for the 'week in review.' Haha.. Gulo ko. :D

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  1. Congratulations kuya and God Bless po sa mga plans mo in the future..

  2. dreams? sabi nila.. yun daw yun iniisip mo before ka matulog kaya napapanaginipan mo. though sometimes, naniniwala ako na may meaning nga sila. :P siguro nga tama yun interpretation mo.. pero yun mishaps na nagawa mo sa UP? huwag mo nalang balikan :) you'll just have to focus more sa present and just do your best. ewan ko.. may gusto ako ipoint eh pero hindi ko pa siya alam sabihin sa words eh. hahaha :P labo!


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