Saturday, July 11, 2009

5 I'm Ready to Recieve More Blessings

Had I continued being a pessimist, I would not be getting a new lease of life in another school. If I had done so, I would be surely wnadering the streets in tattered clothes asking for scraps because I would have gone insane. But gladly, I did otherwise. I tried to see things in light and learned to become more positive in life.

If I had been still impatient, I would not be able to see what God has planned for me today. I would most likely be complaining everyday for the 'misfortunes' that He allows to come into my life. But gladly, I learned to be patient and that all things will come and happen at the right time.

Had I continued being a loner, then I won't meet these wonderful friends at school who makes me laugh so hard that I would have difficulty in breathing. But gladly, I learned that some would surely reject and dislike you but there are a lot that would be more than willing to take you as their friend.

If I had still been afraid to love because of the past 'tragedies' that happened to me, then I won't be with my only princess. I would not entertain the thought of loving her because of my fear that she won't love me back. But gladly, I did otherwise. I took the risk and loved her.

Had I continued to give up on my life, then I won't be doing these things. I won't be writing. I won't be blogging. I won't put up my own 'virtual company.' I won't be having this ambitious dream of becoming the next President. I won't be with my friends. I won't be in a new school. I won't be meeting Euqie. I won't be with my family.

But most of all, I would have surely have been gone a long time ago if I had given up living.

But why did I do the opposite?

Because I made myself ready to receive more blessings in life.


Before I had read this thought in Bo Sanchez's book "How to Fill Your Life with Miracles", it was a through a SPAM text message that this 'message' was sent to me. It was from an unknown person because the number did not register not only on my phone book and the phone book of my sister, mom and dad as well.

Well, I guess, just like in the many instances in my life, it was some 'message from above'. A very timely message on that moment of my life wherein in giving up is already next in line.

I tried to contact that person so I can tell him/her how grateful I am. But blame it on my carelessness or stupidity, I 'accidentally' erased that message from my cellphone after I had sent it to everyone else. (Maybe some of you have received that long message especially those whom I know.) That was the end of my futile attempt to thank that person but I guess, it was also a way of saying that the message should not stay put in my inbox and I should share it to everyone else.

And after that, it's time to receive the blessings that have long been 'allocated' for me.


And so one of the many blessings that I made myself ready to receive was this nice badge:

You see after almost eight weeks of flooding and spamming your chat boxes, bulletin boards, status updates, shoutouts and even brandishing catchy images and graphics in this blog to entice you to vote for me, I finally got what I've been waiting for.

To everyone who had been faithfully voting for my blog even if I don't know you personally, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. To Mr. Talksmart of the Composed Gentleman, thank you very much for this opportunity to 'shine' and recognize bloggers like me.

And as promised, the raffle would push through. Just give me some time to lay down the details. :)


Again, Mr. Ichabod made my day by making a very nice post about me and Euqie. :D This is his 'reaction' to my previous post here. As I have mentioned before, I'm one of his great fans and I am really thrilled that such person would give me some space in his prestigious blog. Again, Mr. Ichabod, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. You're such a nice person, keep on inspiring people through your simple posts and I do really hope to meet you real soon. :)

See his POST here.




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  1. congratulations!! sa wakas!

  2. congratz po..nice naman ng blessing na un.aha

  3. wow! you really deserve it. i`m feeling quite guilty that somehow i had been one of the reasons for you not to get the award, but i am glad that now that we both won it.

    kung bakit kasi kailangan pa nating manominate sa parehong mga linggo... hehe. but that`s just part of the game.

    anyway, i would like to commend you for this very wonderful entry or post. and i would surely nominate this post as one of the "TEN BEST POSTS OF THE YEAR" award at Philippine Blog Awards 2009.

  4. wow, congratulations! galing-galing! mas matagal na akong nagboblog kesa sa'yo pero for sure mas marami ka ng achievements kesa sa akin. BTW, linked you as well :)

  5. @ chikletz: oo nga sa wakas talaga, haha.. :D salamat sa pagsuporta. :D

    @ jhelz: yup really nice. :)

    @ atenean101: haha.. don't be guilty, it's part of the competition and I accept it. :D congrats din at naging hall of famer ka na din. :)

    @ madz: thanks po. I would not be able to achieve it kung wala po kayo na matyagang bumoto kahit nakukulitan na kayo, haha.. :D


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