Monday, November 16, 2009

3 Hacienda Luisita Massacre

Did it really happened? Or is it another ploy to discredit Noynoy Aquino who had been in recent weeks consistently topping all survey charts for the presidentiables? Is there a truth in what the militant groups are blabbering these past few days? Well, it did really happened. If you want to know how everything else happened 5 years ago, here is a documentary made a year after the Hacienda Luisita Massacre happened.

What you saw is just the first of four parts, you may see the remaining parts on YouTube by searching 'Sa Ngalan ng Tubo' to know how the strike by the workers of Hacienda Luisita ended.

We have heard what Nonoy Aquino stated regarding Hacienda Luisita: they will sell off their shares because after all they're not earning much from it. But Mr. Aquino, why not pressure the other owners to give up their hold on that estate and distribute it to the farmers who have tilled that land for many decades? After all, it should have been done a long time ago since the CARP was passed under the administration of your mother which was then considered as the centerpiece program of her administration.

Now, you're telling everyone else that it might not be the best solution (redistributing the land) since the ratio of farmers to the size of the land is disproportionate. But Mr Aquino, this would not have happened if your family (the Cojuangcos) will not intend to convert the land into 'commerical, industrial, residential and recreational parks.' From the very beginnning, you don't have any plans to give up the land but to displace the farmers one by one while you gain more profits from the new land use plan that your family had been planning ever since.

What the farmers had been asking from your family ever since is just to give the land that was rightfully theirs. It is no longer a question whether the ones claiming are legitimate residents of Tarlac or workers of the hacienda but it is a question of why can't you simply give up Hacienda Luisita for these farmers who had been tilling the land for you so that you may earn.

If you did nothing to resolve this issue once and for all, I guess it depicts what kind of president you will be once elected. By the way, I'm no supporter of any presidential candidate - whether it Villar, Estrada or Teodoro. In fact I don't want to see any of these three people to end up winning the elections. Actually, I had been toying with the thought that it could be you whom I will support but upon much deeper discernment and the way things are going, it seems to me that you've got no difference with them.

Yes, your family did not ordered these farmers to be gunned down to death which led to Hacienda Luisita Massacre - one of the most brutal crimes committed against farmers who never asked for anything else but to give the land that was rightfully theirs. But in the midst of what was happening then, your family did nothing but to even blame the militants for instigating the farmers to go on strike. Your family did not even tried to talk with those in the picket line. Your family chose to ignore them.

Well, it is not too late to do something about it, Mr. Noynoy Aquino. Show everyone else that you are indeed a beacon of hope and change in this wrecked land - not a son who had just been passed on the legacy of his parents. It is about time to make a stand on issues, to make a stand if you are indeed for the Filipino people.

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  1. I agree. The Cojuangcos never intend to distribute the land as they benefit from it. But now that Noynoy is running for the highest post in the country, he claimed that he is selling his shares to his uncle Danding Cojuagco.

    Question: if he really have good intentions, why does he not pressure the other share holders to distribute the land to the tenants, which should have been done 20 years ago? he should not sell the land, but rather distribute it to the rightful owners.

    further, rumors said that the Cojuangcos "blackmailed" the tenants so that they would not object the non-inclusion of the lands in HACIENDA LUISITA in the Compressive Agrarian Reform Program of the government, back when Mrs. Corazon Aquino was still the president of the republic

  2. ngek....bakit kailangan isisi kay noynoy?
    kasi dahil tatakbo siya presidente ng bansa? dapat ipa alam sa lahat na si noynoy may gawa nang pag paslang sa hacienda luisita....damn,,,
    NON SENSE!!!!!!

  3. I've watched the documentary before. It was really sad...
    Not that this massacre is blamed on Sen. Aquino. The whole family is involved in this. As a member of the family, and probably the most prominent among them today, he will be the one who's going to be attacked by this so-called "propaganda."
    And btw, since when did killing innocent people became a propaganda?


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