Friday, February 12, 2010

0 Resurrection

In time for my 20th birthday, I am resurrecting my blog again after so much had happened in the past few months. More stories from me. More topics that no one would dare to talk about. I had just realized last week how much I missed blogging. I miss the bashing of my 'fans'. I miss the comments that some would leave on my posts. I miss the sound of keys tapping on my keyboard to produce posts for my blog that are borne out of my experience and sometimes, erratic views in life.

Well, here I am again. Just like what had happened in my past blogs: everyone wouldn't notice that I had disappeared and just like a thief at night, I'll be back without everyone noticing it.

A few rants:

I've notice that quite a lot of bloggers are using images taken from the web. There's nothing wrong with that since the internet is a public domain and unless you declare it, you're practically letting everyone else to use your work, especially images or pictures. But for those who use them, please be courteous enough to acknowledge them at the beginning or end of your posts by linking it to the source where you got them.

Election time is here and I am here again to promote KABATAAN PARTYLIST for the upcoming elections. But why am I supporting this group since 2007 when they first ran under that name? (They ran under the name ANAK NG BAYAN before but because they had been mistaken by some BEIs in crediting the votes to AKBAYAN which they thought were one and the same, they lost the election thus prompting them to change their name.)

As of this moment, I still don't have a candidate in mind that I will be supporting for president. That's why I'm coming up with a series of posts about these candidates on why or why should we not vote for them. Coming soon.

This year's my second decade of existence on earth. This year means a lot to me not because I'm lucky (according to Western astrology and Chinese astrology) but because of everything that I've been through and that when I was young, I never saw myself to last up to the age of 20. More on this later.

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