Wednesday, May 6, 2009

7 Bro. Bo Sanchez

He is undeniably the country's most sought after Catholic lay preacher. Every book that he has published became a best seller. He is the man behind the Anawim which takes care of the abandoned elderly and the poor. He had also founded the Shepherd's Voice which publishes the most number of inspirational literature and media in the Philippines. He is also a recipient of the prestigious Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) award.

One thing about him that really captivated me is the way he preaches. Unlike other preachers, he does not give his audience a barrage of dogmas or scriptural verses that would be sometimes too much for the listeners to take. He just talks in a way that everyone would understand him. He makes everyone laugh by his stories and jokes but after the laughter had subsided, it would leave a permanent mark on them that it was themselves that they are laughing about. That way, he clearly sends his message.

Yet, despite all of his achievements and his huge following, Bo Sanchez is very humble.


I think humility is one virtue that every preacher should have. They should not claim that they know everything about the Bible and could read out every single verse from it. Such claims are dubious. They are making a fool of themselves. We should all remember that Christ did not preach by quoting verses from the Bible but by telling stories or parables. (FYI, the Bible had never existed during the time of Christ. It was only after his death when the Catholic Church had compiled existing scriptures into a book that we now call as the Bible.)

Humility is nowhere to be found in most of the preachers today - most especially from the other sects. One from down south claims that he's the appointed Christ and he had established the New Jerusalem. Another one claims to have re-established the 'apostatized church of Christ' and telling their prey that for us to be saved, we have to join them. Other says that we need to be 'born again' because we are all non-believers.

No one among them told us that we need to be humble just like what Christ did when he walked the earth.


I'm not saying here that Bo Sanchez is Christ-like. In fact, he had been repeatedly reiterating in his books, lectures, talks and on his blog that his official title is 'God's Big Hypocrite.' He does not pretend that he knows everything. He does not make us feel while listening to him the he is better than anyone of us. Despite the status that people around him created, he still acknowledges that he is just like anyone of us - trying to live like Christ and heal ourselves from sin.

That simple virtue made him the perfect man to deliver God's message to all of us.


P.S. If Bro Bo. Sanchez or any of his staff is reading this, as a token of gratitude, can I have a copy of your book Your Past Does Not Define Your Future. Hahaha.. Just kidding. :D


For more on Bo Sanchez visit his BLOG.


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  1. actually, this is my first time to hear about him and base from your entry, i think he is a good preacher! i love those who uses humor in preaching kasi i have the tendency to listen attentively!

  2. wahahah
    your past does not define your future ung latest nya dba
    pero ang topic kase nun is
    focus more on
    sexual abuses

    pero pede narin ^__^

    pero tama ka about some preachers, pero sana hindi bias dahil sa catholic ka ^__^

    and FYI, si Bro Bo po ay acknowledged even by non catholics, in fact there is one religious group I know that aknowledges him really well


    +10 on this

  3. astig yang si Bo, may snabi sya dati mdyo logical ang dating, napasmile ako at nsabing un pala un. pro nkalimutan ko na anu yun,hehe

  4. di ko pa nababasa ang Your past does not define you're future...pero yun daw po yung pinakaseryosong libro ni Bo. Fave ko yung Thank God, He's the Boss...asteeg tawa ako ng tawa.

    Nung assistant ako sa JFC, may seminar sila for their managers (buong Mega-Manila) and si Bo yung nagconduct ng seminar, siguro mga 4weeks din yun, and from day1 sabi ko magpapa-autograph ako or magpapapicture pero natapos na seminar hindi ko pa rin nagawa...hehehe

    pero masaya pa rin, i experienced working hand in hand with my idol:D

  5. Hi,
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  6. I like this guy too. I have watched him talk before and he was good.
    I also got the chance to read his magazine Kerygma. And it was such a good read. :)


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