Monday, November 16, 2009

0 Ultimate Paintball Experience

Paintball is really an exciting game. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush you feel when you pull that trigger and you hit someone with a pellet. But of course, no one gets hurt in this game because all you shoot at your 'enemies' (it is in quotation since they are not really my enemies) are 'paintballs.' Most of the time, we just play for fun minus the rules and just try to shoot as many as we can and jeer at the one who gets 'painted' the most.

Usually, we Tipmann 98 Custom paintball 'guns' because it is very much accurate and it would really surprise your 'enemies'. We cannot forgot how many times we laugh and tease a friends who gets the most hits. Tipman A5 makes his fate worse because all of us would target him and will hit him continuously since it works like a real semi-automatic rifle that can fire 17 rounds per second. Gladly, our friend would just laugh it off and playfully fire at all of us.


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