Thursday, August 10, 2006

0 The Congress Visit


Pupunta tayo ng Batasan..


Iyan ang mga bagay na iniisip ko noong unang binanggit sa amin ng aming mga block handlers na magkakaroon kami ng Congress Visit. Sabi nila they have been doing this annually. Then they told us that Cong. Francis Escudero was an alumni of their org which is APSM (Association of Political Science Majors.) Then I thought, finally.. I would get to meet one of my fave politicians and I think one of the best we have. So they've told us that we are going to visit him. Hindi na nila sinabi ang ibang details. Surprise daw.. and I was surprised.

Finally, yesterday.. the long wait is over. August 9, 2006. At exactly 3:53 P.M., I finally stepped into the North Wing of the Batasan Complex. Pero medyo disappointed ako. Kasi, as we all know, busy si Cong. Escudero sa impeachment and at that very moment nandun siya sa Plenary Hall, which we have also visited, at nakikipagdebate.

Instead, we met Cong. Christian Seneres of Buhay party list. And as his surname says, he is the son of the very controversial Ambassador Roy Seneres. Anyway according to his staff, to date he is the youngest congressman to be in position since he became one in 2001, beating the record of Ninoy Aquino.

Then we had a little talk about so many things. The goals of their party and what had they been doing lately. I was sitted right infront of him and I felt somewhat nervous, but the color of the room made me ease a little. It was maroon and green, the colors of UP, and so he said that all of his staff are UP grads and the one who decorated his office was from UP.

Anyway, it was also sad that last year he was one of those who signed for the impeachment but this year he didn't. His reason was its a total waste of time. He said that there are so many bills that needs to be passed. He is in favor of a unicameral system but not for federalism.

Anyway again as he talk, we were given free Lipton Green Tea. Hehe..

After that we went to the musuem at the basement of the Congress. The good congressman himself toured us around and told all about the history of Congress, how we came to have 2 chambers, the feud between Quezon and Osmena, the Batasang Pambansa, and the 1986 ConCom, the symbols used and the proper decorum when inside the Plenary Hall.

So after that, we went to the Plenary Hall. Wow, its the first time that I am going to this place and watch those congressmen 'doing their work.' Contrary to what we see on the television, it was not that big. I guess its just the angle of the camera that makes it big. And for those who study in UP, the UP Theater is quite bigger than the Plenary Hall. Some of us were not allowed to enter because slippers and shorts are not allowed. Luckily, I was the one of those who entered. And so we got to seat on the front row. Much close to the comittee hearings going on down there. Oh, i forgot to mention that we've seen congressman Noynoy Aquino and Imee Marcos. Imee Marcos looks 'suplada' at nung parang me isang grupo ng mga students na gustong magpapicture sa kanya medyo parang ayaw niya at biglang eskapo agad. Si Noynoy naman ay iniinterview ata sa radyo.

Sa loob naman nung Plenary Hall nakita ko sina Cong. Way Kurat Zamora, siyempre Si Cong. Escudero, Remulla, Datumanong at Lagman. Sila lang iyung nakita ko dun na kilala ko by name iyung iba sa mukaha ko lang kilala.

Anyway we stayed there for 20 minutes and just watched.

Image taken from: Demoskratos



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