Thursday, April 30, 2009

0 Official Launch

The first day of May 2009 can't wait. I had decide last night to launch this blog that I had been doing for the past few weeks. Thinking for a name for this blog took me three days before I finally decided to go for PROJECT DENNIO. (For more information on what this blog is all about please click HERE before you think that this is my way of catapulting myself to fame.)

It was also due to a question raised by a friend (you know who you are, hahaha..) that made me finally to decide to 'launch' this blog. I had been blogging for almost three years but it had not been able to focus on a 'niche' and update it regularly.

But I decided to resume blogging because finally, I had a new PC and fast internet connection. I also cannot stop my hand from writing down my thoughts on paper. Then, I cannot stop it from 'pounding' the keyboard and start spilling all of my thoughts, opinions and 'experiences' so that others may really know what happened and that the same things won't happen to others.

You're going to see lots of new post here. I would also be resurrecting some of my previous posts from my other blogs. I'll also be resuming some of the series I've done in the past like that articles for the 'red legion' which had received much outrage from them.

Without further ado, I'm now presenting to you my newest blog - my only blog.

From this day on, I'm no longer frustrated. I'm just ready to fulfill my dreams and God's purpose for me - to Serve the Filipino people with Christ.

This is my life. I do hope you'll never live life like the way I did.

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