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3 Blogging Life - Part 1

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When I started blogging three years ago, my only purpose was to just spill out my thoughts and share my newfound love for writing. It served as my platform for what I wanted to tell everybody but didn't have the chance to. It instantly tagged along with my passion for writing. That would eventually set the stage for my adventures on the internet.

But before that, I started to know the existence of blogging during the summer of 2006 - just before I entered college. But because we don't have an internet connection during that time, I spilled out my thoughts by sending 3-part text messages to my classmates in elementary and high school. That's why I'm 'celebrating' my blogging anniversary on the 29th of May every year - the day I started to send 'spam messages' to their cellphones.

Siyempre, madami ang medyo naasar sa kakulitan ko sa text. May iba rin naman na natuwa (o napilitan lang matuwa. :D) Hanggang sa pumasok na ako sa college, ganun pa din ang gingawa ko. Until one day, a high school friend posted a bulletin in Friendster with a link to his blog. That single click, changed my life forever.


After browsing through his nicely made blogsite, I finally decided to get started with this blog. It is a very simple blog filled with images grabbed from different websites. and of course filled with 'relevant content.' If you would see it, its looks cannot deny the fact that the one who created it is a noob in this field. Back then, I don't care much about the layout or the flashy add-ons that it needs to have. I was focused on creating nice 'posts' or 'articles. The topics I had are just anything under the sun - but most of them are about politics.

I have read recently my very first blog post and I found it very much 'idealistic'. It was filled with so much youthful idealism that is to be expected of a teenager who hadn't yet experience the so-called 'realities of life.' I was aware of that. But I decided not to give in to the 'realities of life' - until I experience it first hand years later.

A part of my purpose was not just about posting any article. It has to be something different and my visitors have something to get from it. Too idealistic eh? Maybe. But it is also a part of something that have been roused within me during the last few months of my stay in high school: the passion for truth.

But did that 'youthful idealism' I had have disappeared? Have I quenched that passion for truth? I can somehow proudly say that despite all of the 'misfortunes' that happened, and are still happening, it is still within me and would be completely evident in this blog.


But after three months of blogging, I had a sudden realization - I need to have a better blog. Instead of editing my first ever blog, I decided to create a new one. Not really a new one but it was to give my blog a refreshing look. It was also during this time that I've finally learned a lot about blogging. All that editing templates, add-ons and all other stuff that would make my site look classy and sophisticated. I also tried to monetize my site using AdBrite (I haven't heard of AdSense then until last year.)

Aside from that, because of the overflowing rants and raves I had in my mind, I also decided to put up several blogs. But I think you'd be quite surprised to find out that I had put up seven different blogs - of course with different niche.

The first one was some sort of a 'shocking' blog; it was meant to shock my audience with something different. The second one was something about giving a different brand of education. The third one tried to serve as my online journal - and a great place where some of my 'enemies' have gathered information about me. The fourth one was intended to become my 'launching pad' in my bid to become the next president of the Philippines. (Hahaha.. :D And up to is STILL one of my ambtions. :D) The fifth one was some sort of an encouragement for us Filipinos to stay and help our nation. The sixth one was all about the environment - saving and preserving it.

Finally and definitely not the least, one of the remaining original blogs and the last of the several blogs that I had created and offered as gift to Mama Mary. This is a very special blog to me and its creation had been inspired by reading the Catholic magazine 'Know the Truth.' This blog would surely be 'resurrecting' in a few months time. This is the seventh one which is all about 'defending the Catholic faith'.

Back then, many had raised their eyebrows and asked me: why seven? Well, my purpose is that I collect the same articles with the same theme under one roof so that they could always expect the same articles or post from that blog. If you really want to know the story behind it, you might as well want to see it here.

But sadly, I wasn't able to manage the blogs well because our internet connection would just be installed on April 2009 - three years later.


Despite what happened, it is on this 'renewal' that I had a received a very heartwarming email from someone whom I did not know that had inspired me to continue what I'm doing. But it was not the only email I got. I've got several of them whom had continually encouraged me to go on. These emails really touched me to the point that it almost made me cry.

Sadly, I had forgotten the password for my email account where they had sent their emails. I had no more way of thanking them but through this blog, hoping that they're still around and they would know how much grateful I am because after those three turbulent years of my life - I'm still here because of them.


To be continued..

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