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10 My Social Life - Part 1

I had a hard time making this one because I don't know what to say about my 'social life' in UP. It is literally nil. It also took a lot of courage because I would appear stupid for doing this and that. But I guess, that would be one of the purpose of this blog, make me look stupid so that others may learn.

Now, after two days of being stuck in this finishing this post, here it is.


Aristotle once said that 'man is a social animal.' Indeed in this life, we cannot live without a family or even just a companion. We've got hundreds of quotes that would remind us of this ancient truth.

But during my stay in UP, you won't believe that I have defied this truth and had been able to somehow survive a nasty jungle like that by being a loner. I had a few acquaintances but none of them had really been my companion throughout my short stint at the university.


For students, it is on the first day of class that they would be making friends. In UP., your block mates would be your 'family'. They would be your first acquaintances that would help you survive college life in the first year. But because of the unfortunate events that happened on the first day, I was not able to know a single acquaintance. It was only later during the day that I had known one. He's nice and very friendly. In my mind, I thought that he would be my friend in UP.

We could have been great friends. We always talk about lots of things. We may not have common interests but we sure do 'click' with each other. We had been great group mates in our projects in PolSci.

I could have nurtured that friendship. But I just don't know what happened. I just found myself one day isolated and wandering alone in the wilderness of Krus na Ligas.

I'm just a freshman then.


I had also backed out from joining an academic org. They were the ones who had been handling our block then. I declined from joining because some of the activities would require me to stay out late - which my parents won't approve.

I had again tried to join their org after a year. But in the middle of the application process, I backed out. One of my reasons was I had joined earlier an 'progressive and militant mass org' which would be contradicting to their 'stand' on issues (although they are a non-partisan org but most of their members are also part of a group that is completely different from what I have joined).

I almost had my chance, but I let it go. Why? I kept myself isolated.


So I had already mentioned. I joined a 'progressive and militant mass org.' I wasn't disillusioned then. I had my clear motives and I know why I joined them.

It was on that breezy day of December in 2006 when I and my friend (who became my friend through a common friend in elementary) decided to join a rally at the Board of Regents (BOR) meet that would define if the tuition and other fees in UP would be raised. I joined that rally because I don't want that to happen. I want then, my sister and other younger cousins to enter the prestigious university. So I have to 'fight' for them and never let that happen.

My friend's friend who is a member of the mass org (which I'd be joining later), invited me to join them because I have told my friend that I'd like to join in one. So we didn't have the 'luxury' of time to discuss things about their org so she had just given me an application form. I told her that I'd be thinking about it and I'll let her know after Christmas vacation.

That would be another story but meanwhile I'll let you know that I had not been that active in their org and that rally was the last one I had joined. But why did I left? I had isolated myself completely.

to be continued..



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  1. I'm a college frosh, and man, I surely feel a bit lonely. Hahaha, thought I hope that I'd get to make some friends :)

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. i'm a college frosh
    and i'm really worried since i'm not the type of person who mingles with people i'm not familiar with. haha

  4. Bro, you are not the only one who lived and survived UP by opting to work alone. There many of UP students (me included) who opt to operate alone (very much like Voldemort). And every one of us had different motives for such choices.

    Many of us are what we called as org-less. Many of us were once called as apathetic since we chose not to join their rallies.

    Alone or being part of a group. These are some of the choices that a UP student could select in living his/her UP life.

  5. Ay, BITIN.

    Bigla tuloy ako natakot sa pasukan[nanaman]
    Remind me to join a senseful org .haha

  6. To Ishmael: Well, hindi po ako nakasurvive. :)

    To Cayy Cayy: May part 2 na eto ate. :D Ayan ang link:

  7. Cool! I can't wait for the continuation. Keep posting!

  8. wow. I had the same problem during my first few weeks in college. I missed a lot of opportunities because of my being loner.

    Hay this reminds me i have to introduce myself and try to make friends again on monday.

    great post. (:

  9. I guess may kanya kanya tayong trip, at yan ay isa sa mga trip mong gawin at that time. With or without friends, the only thing you should do is finish college and get that degree. After that, get a job and be famous... ang mga hindi mo friends pa ang lalapit sayo after that...

    Don't be sad that you are a wallflower.. every one goes through that... maging sad ka lang if one day PUMANGET ka pa..kasi wala ka nang kakilala panget ka pa sus! iba na yun!

    I have you now on my blogroll as Dennio

  10. There is nothing wrong with being a loner.
    It's nice to be alone sometimes, it gives you more time to think about things that really concerns you. And more time to think just about yourself and no one else.
    However, being able to share those thoughts to friends or family who really understand and care about you is priceless. :)
    Again, there's nothing wrong with being a loner. It all depends on how you feel.


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