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8 Single Moms

(Disclaimer: I have a similar post like this in my past blog - which I had put into oblivion. A different take with some edits on the same topic/article on the same topic I had brought up for Mother's Day a year ago.)

Maybe the first thing that you would be thinking is that my nanay is a single mom. Well, gladly she's not. We have a very loving father and who loves my nanay very much. So why make a 'tribute' to all the single moms? I've got two reasons to do it. One, they had decided to go on with the child - with or without the 'father' and had firmly decided not to abort the child. Two, it is simply hard to raise a child all by herself.


When I started blogging in 2006, there's not much 'mommy' bloggers on the net. But lately, they have even formed communities on the web. Some of them are stay-at-home mothers which tries to earn some over the web. But most of them are single moms. Well in fact, we are quite seeing a number of famous celebrities that are single moms. Not only that, even as we look around, some of them are our neighbors.

The big question is: Where are the fathers of these children?!


It is quite disturbing that there's a lot of rotten eggs that belong to our gender that are very irresponsible and immature. Hindi nila kayang panindigan ang kanilang ginawa. After releasing their sexual tensions and hormones on their 'baby, sugar, honey, etc.', they'd just ran away or simply disappear from the scene - leaving the girl bastardized and her life - ruined.

Even worse, some would just even break up with the simply because, hindi sigurado si kumag na siya nga ang ama ng dinadala niya. Son of the shark (Anak ng pating, roughly translated, haha.. :D), doesn't he know that his 'girl' had given up everything for you. Then, the kumag would leave her and go to his next victim. (This paragraph is based on a true story that I have known personally. The bastard had just broken up with his gf, then fled to the that I've been waiting for -- oops, this is another sad story of mine.)

That is why it is recommended that girls should keep something for themselves just in case we, morons, would leave you.

Now, with a life inside her tummy, the girl is battling with two options: to give up or move on.


A little diversion from the topic.

I completely do not agree with abortion. Every child that a mother bears whether it is unwanted or that they have discovered that the child have disorders or sickness, is still a blessing. That child may be an additional burden but as most pro-life advocates would simply argue, 'what if that child would become the next president of this country that would uplift us from from poverty or the next superstar or a big name in business?

It is also quite disturbing to know that some of us have a perception that a fetus is just blood. Eh bakit? Tinatawag ba natin ang isang buntis na nagdadalang-dugo siya? 'Di ba't ang tawag natin ay nagdadalang-tao? Kung dugo lang iyan eh di sana nilabas na lang nila iyun bilang regla? Eh hindi, lumalaki ang tiyan niya at ilalabas lang niya ito matapos ang siyam na buwan!

Sorry I'm losing my cool but the argument's right. Even by the way we call pregnant mothers, we regard that thing inside that tummy as a human being, not just plain and simple blood.

But I could understand some mothers who would rather lose the child than to lose the respect of others and receive all the humiliation and defamation from others. They easily became the hot topic of everybody else conversations or chismis. But that could be averted if the people around would be supportive of her. That would be easy for a single mother to move on.

We do not need reproductive rights. What we need is a society that doesn't condemn unwanted pregnancies. What we need is proper education to children like us that things like sex is not a thing to be played with. What we need is a culture that protects and respects life.

Oops.. I'm getting a bit far off from my topic. But anyway it is still related. :D


It's really disheartening to see to be single moms giving up their child because of the above mentioned reasons. If you're a Catholic, it is a mortal sin to abort an unborn child. But it doesn't mean that you won't be forgiven. God forgives those who have committed abortion. Go to your local priest and seek help.

For those who are planning to do the same, it is not the best solution to your problem. It would simply add up to the burden that you have right now. If you're a believer, then you should seek Him. He would really help you. There are also lots of support groups that are ready to help you. You may also go to your parish and seek help.


For those who have bravely chosen to move one, I really salute you. You have literally went against the whole world. You have fought for that fragile, precious life, waited for that child to come out of this world and took care of him/her very well. That kind of love is really incomparable. All alone, you have raised up your child - without the stupid father. You have my prayers with you.


And to those supposedly 'men', who had left these single mothers, MAS BADING PA KAYO SA BAKLA. Buti pa ang mga bakla, kaya nilang panindigan kung ano sila pero kayo na mga 'tunay na lalake' nagtatago sa saya ng nanay niyo nang makabuntis na. Tsk. I just hope your 'thing' would not fall off anytime soon, hahaha.. :D

Please be responsible enough for your actions. A minute of ecstasy would mean endless nights of despair for these girls. Tayo ang may pantusok kaya dapat na maging responsable tayo 'ika nga ni Bro. Jun Banaag. Hindi lang basta tusok ng tusok yan. Hindi tayo aso na kapag nag-iinit eh tusok agad. Dignify ourselves. Show them that we are real men who can control our hormones.

And please, don't scare off your girlfriends or partners that 'sex' (or you prefer to call as love making) is an essential part of your relationship. If that would be your reason for having a girlfriend, back off.

Try to take a bath with an icy water and if that doesn't cool off your hormones, ikiskis mo na lang yan sa pader, haha.. :D

At mahiya kayo sa nanay niyo. Just think if your mother had decided to abort you, Then you won't be in here.


But of course to my dear young girl readers out there, you got the power. You can always say no if your horny boyfriend still forces you to have sex with him. But if the bastard tried to rape you, or have raped you, don't be afraid to come out of the light and file for a complaint against that bastard. Make him pay for what he did to you. There are lots of NGOs and groups that are out there to support and help you. Stand for your rights.

So to all nanays whether single, divorced, annuled or separated, I salute you! I believe that those who had been able to surpass the most difficult trials in life are those who would be the BIGGEST WINNERS in LIFE!

So single, divorced or annuled moms, there's still hope. I believe that those who surpassed the most difficult trials in life are those who would really become winners in life.


First photo courtesy of the Mr. Jason Endaya's blog here.

Second photo taken from here.

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  1. i'm sure the single moms who'll read this post will thank you much. just like you, i salute all the single moms out there. they deserve to be happy and blessed! :)

  2. loved this post!

    i may not be a single mom, but hell, i loved the way you presented most of the female's angst towards "not so very good men" hehe.

    i thought that most men are a**holes, but with a post like this, you're definitely off the list.

    good luck to your blog. keep on writing. :)

  3. i love this post! :)

    i don't wanna become a single mum. but i adore those who have successfully raised their child. it's undeniably hard kasi, considering the fact nga na mahirap ang buhay ngayon. tapos ayun nga.. mga lalaking douchebag na yun. hindi marunong mag take ng responsibility. mga duwag!!!! :|

  4. re: algene - they truly deserve to be happy. I just hope the 'men' who left them would have miserable lives, *evil laugh*

    re: tintin - thanks. I'll really keep on writing. Btw, I think I'm still not off the list. :D

    re: nina - haha.. cool ka lang. may araw din sila. :D

  5. My mom is a single mom. It was difficult for both of us. the separation wasn't really that hideous but the violent things that my dad did to my mom was monstrous and the worst part is, i was a witness to this sadistic actions. I moved on, eventually but it pains me to see my mother crawl just to give me my daily necessities and my dad, having fun with those bitchy girls and making stepsisters and all. his loathsome but what can i do, he was my father and I'm sharing the same blood and genes with him. I guess that's how life works. I just hope that I wouldn't share the same fate like that of my mom.. God Bless yah and keep on writing. Everything in here is just amazing. It can move ones own feelings..

  6. I admire the way you created this one.Biggest winners surely they are..hoping to read more interesting post as this.. Pero I was thinking how those "mas bading pa kayo sa bakla" would react over this or if they would even care for understanding their act. Hehe, it makes me salute the single moms more than i already am.. Glad I read.

  7. Ayos!

    I am a single mom myself and still searching for the one.. I agree on all points you've said. Maraming guys tusok lang ng tusok and IT IS indeed nightmare for eternity for the girl.

    Which is exactly what happened to me.

    If things would have happened otherwise, maybe I would have a better life - maybe a loving husband and several wonderful kids. Now I'm in my 30s and still struggling with bills and facing problems and making decisions all by myself.

  8. re lolii-pii: I do hope things will get better for you. :)

    re gi-ann: I don't care about the feelings of those 'mas bading pa sa bakla' haha.. :)

    re gem: Things would get better for you. :) Huwag ka po susuko. I'm very much sure that you'll be a big winner in life. I guess, the best man that would help you is Christ. Hold on to Him. He'll never leave you. :)


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