Saturday, May 2, 2009

1 Swine Flu Scare

Most of us would think that the current 'swine flu scare' or, the more politically correct term prescribed by the WHO, Influenza A virus scare had just been discovered now. But actually in had been in existence since the 70s or even earlier. In fact, I had seen this YouTube video from a blog wherein it shows an advertisement about getting the 'swine flu shot' to avoid getting this disease.

See for yourself:

We are just too laid back on things that pose a grave threat to us but we don't do anything because 'we have not yet been affected.' But now, everyone of us is in panic.

Video taken from this blog.

Photo taken from this blog.


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  1. It's all mass hysteria. I think the media started this scare. If they weren't sensationalizing the reports, people wouldn't be scared of the flu anyway.
    As we have known now, Swine flu is just like any other flu, so it can be avoided like how we avoid catching the common flu.


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