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1 What a Week - Randomized (Part 1)

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What a week I had. So many had happened. Yet so little creative juices are coming out of my mind that I can't share them to you. So I hope through this randomization of thoughts, I made my fair share.


Sex scandals. What a nasty way to get famous. But I guess no one in his or her right mind, would use it or to be even just involved in one. Unless, they are so desperate that they'll do anything to make them shine.

Still on the recent controversial issue, I guess both parties would definitely not want such 'horrible acts' to be put on public display. One of which is a doctor whom I think would not be easy for him to give up almost a decade to become one and an actress who is getting known for her brilliant performance as an artist on TV and movies.

Signs of the times? Decadence? It could be. But this was not the first time that we saw a 'sex video scandal'. It's been around ever since the use of Internet exploded exponentially here in the Philippines. Ano pa nga ba ang bago rito?

It had just become a national issue because a certain 'vice-presidentiable wannabe' made a privileged speech on this matter and the people involved are celebrities.

I guess it won't happen if a certain 'Kalye Onse Sex Scandal' would pop up in the internet that involves a girl who been made drunked by a group of gangsters and was gang raped on a street called as Kalye Onse. I doubt if that wannabe would make such a stand in defense of this 'unknown' girl.

Tsk. We are now seeing desperate moves by our 'honorable' politicians to make themselves known to the public.


Last Thursday, my parents celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. I'm really happy that despite all that they've been through, their bond is stronger than ever. I'm still lucky to have wonderful parents like them.

I'm still lucky that despite of the so-called 'practicality' of giving up the marraige by filing for annulment or legal separation because of so-called 'irreconcilable differences', they chose to 'reconcile' those differences and show how much they really love each other.

I just hope that many parents would act this way. Lalo na iyung mga ngayon pa lang nagpapakasal na naghihiwalay agad dahil lang sa hindi nila 'ma-take' ung paraan ng pag-nguya ng asawa nila ng pagkain. Grow up, hindi na kayo bata.

June is coming up. I'm sure a lot would be tying-up thier knots next months Just please remember before you go walk down the aisle, once you marry that person you REALLY love, you take everything about him or her. You cannot choose what qualities of that person that you would like him or her to bring inside your marraige. It is always a package deal.

To my Mama and Papa (Mr. Denny Lim and Mrs. Milagros P. Lim), sana po mas maging masaya at matibay pa ang pagsasama nating pamilya. At kahit ano pa ang mangyari, hindi tayo bibitaw sa Kanya.

More on the 'family' and 'love' thing next month. :D


Dreams. Most people say they are windows to our soul. It shows our hidden desires, our frustrated ambitions or our real self. Some would even say that it could foretell the future. It could be a good one or nigtmarish. Some would even say that they fulfill our hopes that could never happen in reality.

In the past 19 years of my life, I've had several vivid dreams that I could still remember today. One of which is that 'alien invasion dream' wherein I and my sister are the only remaining people on earth that had not been infected by some sort of alien control and we tried to fought them discreetly. Sadly, I had not finished my dream and did not know if we had been able to save mankind.

Anyway, my dreams last Wednesday (May 20) were very peculiar. First, I had never had two different dreams in a day. (Although some experts would say that we actaully have ten dreams while we are sleeping but could only remember one or two.) Second, I had never had dreamt while taking an afternoon nap. It was the first time it happened to me. Third, the person that was missing in my first dream appeared on my second dream.


The first dream I had was about an imminent war. Together with my relatives and family, we had evacuated to a market place. On the top floor of the market to be exact. I just don't know why that 'palengke' has several floors in it. It even looks like a mall but the aura of the place was just like a typical public market here in the Philippines.

So there were chit chats. I could not remember exactly what we had been talking about but I'm very much sure that it wasn't about the war. Then someone shouted from below that the 'Hapon' are coming. So everyone rushed out of the place including us to go somewhere else. But as me and my family are walking out, I was quite surprised to see that it was not the 'Hapon' who had come but 'Bumbays.' (without the negative connotation of the term, just a way to describe how they look like.)

They stopped us and told us to follow them. One of the soldiers pointed his gun at my head and keep on pushing us. Then we were lead to a nearby building which is like their headquarters. Then what is quite unsual is that it is relatively empty and looks like an office building. So they led us to the basement and I had forgotten what sign that the door had. So they left us and a man that looks like a diplomat (he is wearing an Amerkana. I don't know the English term for that) and started to interview us.

Again, what was quite unusual with that dream is that my relatives are gone and from the very beginning, my sister was not in my dream - yet she appeared on the second dream.


To be continued..



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