Wednesday, July 29, 2009

1 Affordable Freelance Writing Services

Does writing kill you? Having a hard time making your term paper or thesis bleed with relevant words? Are you looking for people who can do quality and affordable freelance writing for you?

J.D. Lim Creative Solutions Inc. has the perfect solution for all of your affordable freelance writing services for academic papers and website articles. We are a team that do freelance writing and had been in this industry for at least 5 years.

Our team comes from different fields of specialization like medicine, information technology, education, political science, mass communication and many more. But this does not delimit our capacity in doing freelance writing for you. We are very flexible because we can write about any topic that you want us to do. We will do extra research if it is needed without added cost provided that it would be different from doing a research paper.

If you don't want a freelance writing provider to be bugging you every once in a while with questions regarding your writing project, then we won't because we can under little supervision provided that you have been able to include all the necessary instructions that we need to follow.

We are also non-native English speakers but we are proud to say that we could speak, use and write English better than most of the native users of the English language.

We are also very wary that you don't want a freelance writing provider to use any article generation or spinning software (in relation to writing website articles) so we do not use such because we believe that it won't do us any good and it goes against our passion for writing.

On output per day for website articles, we can submit or create at least 10 articles a day. For academic papers, it would depend on the number of pages required and the topic that would be assigned to us. We are also very strict when it comes to deadlines and we try to submit at least a a day or a few hours before the deadline so there would be enough time for revisions if it is needed.

Prices for every freelance writing output that we give to would be subject to negotiation depending on your budget, difficulty of the project and the number of projects that you would be giving to us. But we can assure you that ours is a very affordable freelance writing service that is very much competitive with other providers.

If you think we can provide the best yet affordable freelance writing services for you, then feel free to contact us on the numbers and email provided in my ad below.


If you are still having doubts in our capacity to do affordable freelance writing services for you, please do contact us and we'll gladly sent some of our sample works in our past or undergo a writing test from you to prove our worth in becoming your service provider.

Thank you very much and our team is looking forward to be working with you and it would really be our pleasure to provide you with affordable freelance writing services.


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