Sunday, July 19, 2009

9 Super BUSY

Got no time to spare for my blog. I miss this one. So here is my shortest post ever. But what had happened in the past few days? Here they are:

  • Got 'hired' FINALLY as a student assistant after weeks of persuading the librarian
  • Got 'new' clients for my freelance writing biz
  • Got 'new' problems for my freelance writing biz
  • Revised the writers handbook for my freelance writing biz
  • Studying 'hard'
  • Trying hard to finish all school work so that I could go on 'duty' as an S.A. at the library
  • Joined the school paper (waiting for the results)
  • Because of my father, got myself playing Farm Town (yep, it was my father, 52 years of age, who had introduced to me this nice app. :D)
  • Mending something..
  • Trying to get some sleep

Basta, i'll be back next week after prelims. I have upcoming posts saved on drafts. Something again about society, something about LOVE and something about poetry. Daming pending. And naku, this latest Globe commercial got into my nerves and they are again would be part of my dissecting commercials post next week. Very insensitive.

Ayun, I'll be back next week and would comment back on you guys.


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  1. uy! congrats sa new job mo :D it's good to keep yourseld busy..

  2. Oh wow, ang dami mong ginagawa na! :O Anyway, I'm sure you can do it. :) and sana ma-mend na nga yong "something" na yon. hihihi.

    Waaa. I envy youuuu! I wanna join our department's publication but I wasn't able to since I was sick that time so ayon. Di ko na-attendan ung screening. :(

  3. Hi friend nice blog do you have, I Just Drop Ec and Add U link in Poem check it and Don't forget Add my link too Please :)

  4. Almost all memebers of my duty group loves Farm Town! Haha! Di ko tinry laruin kasi baka maadik ako. Haha!

  5. mend ng broken heart? ahem. anyway... congratulations! and ang hardwork ay may uh.. anu ba tawag dun.. kapalit? ah basta :D congratss!

  6. Ano ung writing biz mo?

    Anyway, okay lang 'yan, your blog can wait.. Need not to update it when you can't.

    What's the new Globe commercial? I'm a TV lagard, ha ha..

  7. Yeah, a very troubling commercial. Even talks about suicide, how's that? They better drop this off air or else. :)

  8. Wow. student assistant din ako. lolz..
    gud luck satin! hehe

    Bisita sa blog ko!

  9. Ahh... a student's life. Good luck on your studies. And don't forget to take a break. You wouldn't want to crack under pressure now, would you? :)


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