Saturday, August 1, 2009

6 Corazon Aquino, Icon of Philippine Democracy

I had just woke up this morning when I heard our radio in its full volume. It was Senator Noynoy Aquino. I knew it. Corazon Aquino is finally with our Creator. She died at 3:18 AM of cardio-respiratory arrest presumably a complication of her colon cancer.

Isn't it a coincidence that she died on the same month her husband Ninoy Aquino died (August 21)?

Things happened so fast. It was only last night when I was watching her last SONA and historic speech in the US Congress and some memorable speeches by her late husband. I was planning to make a post about their speeches which are indeed fiery and full of nationalism, patriotism and sincerity.

I guess, she had fulfilled her mission. It is now time for our dear Corazon Aquino, the icon of Philippine Democracy and the epitome of a true politician to be with our Creator and be with her husband who is waiting for her to come home.

Some may still berate her for not doing some things that she should have done, but giving us back our freedom and democracy is more than enough for us to be thankful to her.

Corazon Aquino. 1933-2009. Former President. Icon of Philippine Democracy. A hero. A mother.


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  1. Today really is such a sad day, not only for the Philippines, but for the whole world as well. Corazon Aquino became the symbol of freedom for the Filipinos, and her love for service really is genuine, like that of her husband's.
    We can only wish to have politicians like her someday, if that is possible.
    May she rest in peace. :(

  2. She will always be remembered for her passion in her countrymen. I agree with UPrinting that she became the symbol of freedom for the Filipinos.

  3. May you rest in peace Mrs. Cory Aquino! You have taught and inspired different generations and races across the world. You made us, Filipinos, feel what democracy is like. You have taught our people to fight, in a positive and a better manner. Thanks a bunch to your benevolence. You will be missed. Good luck on your new journey!

  4. haaaay why must the good die young? pwede namang si gloria na lang.. ay joke

  5. Nasabi na lahat ng pwedeng masabi about sakanya.
    She will be remembered well.

  6. Cory delivered to the people her promise of democracy. She will be forever remembered, forever missed. :)


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