Sunday, February 14, 2010

4 20 Years of Existence

Who would've ever thought that a boy born twenty years ago on the 10th day of March would live to see this day? Who would've ever thought that he would live a not-so ordinary and bizarre life? Who would've known that he would fall down several times but manages to stand up again? No one.

Even I who tried to live 'normal' by being just one of them didn't know that I would end up being 'not one of them.' I'm not saying that I'm extra special, or extra unique but on what have unfolded in the past 20 years of my life, it seemed to me that I'm doing things, acting out and thinking quite different from those of my age.

Even though, I still don't consider myself mature enough to take on life. I still have certain whims that needs to be controlled, certain unknown parts of my life that needs to be fixed - though I don't have a plan yet to mature. Because I've developed a belief this past few years that once I get mature, there's no other way for me to go down and rot.


Almost all details, happenings of the first ten years of my life are known by everyone especially my family, relatives and closest friends. They know how I acted when I was a kid, how my life had been almost taken away from me and how I excelled in my academics. I know how they look up to me and all of the high regard they have for me.

But almost everything that had happened during the half of my existence, almost no one knows but me and myself. Some were eventually made known such as my expulsion from that prestigious university to my membership in a progressive, activist group to my brief 'love episodes.' But still, majority of what is happening to me and what I do when no one's looking around is still a mystery to my family and closest friends.


To celebrate my 20 years of existence here on earth, I would like to share personal stories of my life: known and unknown, here on my blog so people may better know and understand the kind of person I am today.

I'll be spilling out long kept secrets that I think that I should let everyone know not because I simply wanted them to know but to help free myself from the bondage of the past which had been dragging along these past few years.

I'll let my family and friends know why I ended up to where I am today.

But above all, I'm sharing these stories so you would learn from what I've been through and so you will never end up the way I am right now.

I'm starting these series of stories with a mindset that I'm a BIG FAILURE, but I'll end my series with a mindset that I'm a BIG WINNER that is out there to take on life on the coming years of my life.

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  1. happy birthday! :)(or is it?)

  2. Naku, ndi pa. :D Less than a month pa po. :D salamat at di mo pa ako nakalimutan, haha.. :D I still do read your blog every time. :)

  3. @floreta: naku, matagal pa po, haha.. :D Sa March 10 pa. :)


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