Friday, February 26, 2010

0 This One Made My Day

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Before I continue with the series of posts that I have lined up, I would to share with you what made my day today despite the current problems that I'm facing right now.


As you can see with my previous post, I joined the Blog Action Day event yesterday with the theme "The Real Heroes of EDSA." It was an on the spot post I made so I can join other bloggers in remembering who were the real people that made EDSA Revolution possible. I decided to talk about our family's hidden history of activism - which until now is still not clear.

It was a product of 'Freudian slips' of my parents which I reflected on as I write my post. As I have said, I cannot claim that my parents had actually been 'activists' during those days but from what I know, I have a small hint that they have been so.

Just like my other blog posts, I usually squeeze out the literary juices out of my mind during the wee hours of the morning - after wasting my time playing games in Facebook and reading several sites. I have to apologize everyday to my parents if the tapping of the keyboard awakens them. It is because from where I am right now, I'm a mere meter away from their room which is not enclosed so any noise coming from outside can be heard in their room.

And so as I was cleaning my inbox, I came across an email from Kabataan Partylist which contains a link to a write-up about yesterday's Blog Action Day. I was reading the article until I got into the middle part. I was really surprised to see my blog mentioned and quoted on the news article in It is an honor that I had been mentioned alongside prolific bloggers like Tonyo Cruz. But aside from that, this had been my first time to be mentioned at least in a news article.


Actually, this is not a big deal for me since my primary aim for writing is not to be featured anywhere else but just to express everything that I have in mind. Getting acclaim from others or being mentioned is just an added seasoning to my life as a 'writer'.

But because this is a first in my life. Allow me to be quite sentimental.


The first person that I've thanked for what happened was my teacher in high school, Mrs. Rona Gallego-Sabino whom I owe much of my passion for writing now. She happens to be online at Facebook and I thanked her for the chance she gave me back in high school to write for our school paper. It was one of the defining moments of my life that made me love writing. Thank you again Ma'am Rona.

But of course, everything else belongs to the One who created everything in this world and bless each of us with his grace and love. Without his grace, I won't be able to write and spill out my thoughts and emotions in paper or in my blogs.

For everything Lord, despite all of the struggles that I'm still into, thank you very much.

Thank you for always making my day.



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