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15 My Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs (Partial List)

This is my first time to nominate for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010. It is "a writing project that seeks in identifying new and emerging blogs who are making an impact to its readers in 2010." For the rules on how you can participate, check it out here. I felt compelled to nominate these blogs which made a lot of difference in my life these past few months so here they are. (I'm becoming emotional again. Lol.)

Ang Lungga ng Babaeng Otes

With over a thousand posts in her blog, Pia Montalban is a really passionate writer. She can write well-versed poems and thought-provoking essays. She talks about from the most personal to the most pressing social issues of our country. Blogging since 2007, she is but one of the few who remains firm and fervent in her desire to speak out her mind and share the lessons of her life.

Kapirasong Kritika

Teo Marasigan's long posts in his blog would bore any typical web user whose attention span is short and prefers seeing more images than text. But I tell you once you get hooked, you'll surely ask for more. More than his progressive views on politics and society, he doesn't claim to be self-righteous but he is firm on his principles and what he is fighting for. Progressives should read his blog often as well as those people who often criticize the Left for Teo's posts clearly explains things which are often misrepresented on mainstream media.

Rafael Anton Dulce

Currently ANAKBAYAN's National Vice Chairperson, I won't forget that day when this guy suddenly placed harsh comments on my previous blog. But I must admit, he made me realize later that what I wrote is simply baseless and full of crap. Eventually, I end up joining ANAKBAYAN back in UP.

Now, Anton, as everyone calls him, continues to write hard-hitting and sharp political commentary on his blog without apologies. You may decry him for being so rude in his posts and becoming too personal sometimes but in a crisis-ridden society that we are all into, we need to get real, straight to the point and give concrete solutions to the most pressing problems that majority of Filipinos are facing.


For the first time, we now have drinking buddies sealing their friendship with a blog. Kidding aside, this blog contains contains the musings, commentaries and opinions of four friends sharing the same interests though they have differing views. This is quite unusual for a collaborative but that's what makes this blog a must-read for years to come. I must admit that this blog inspired me to push through with a project that I've been dreaming of eversince. Coming soon! Thanks to Reklamotion. :D

Secret Garden

Who would've expect that 'an average girl with a broken camera' (as she says so) can come up with nicely taken pictures that would surely captivate you. She's also awesome at creating vector images (which I hope she'll teach me how to do it) which are really nice, cute and girly. :D

The Barefoot Scientist

We may have disagreed on some things but I really admire how intellectual and progressive this man is. But what him different from other intellects is that he never fails to reach out and connect well with his audience. He's a geek who supports Free and Open Source Software but he never loses sight on the different social issues that are hounding our country today.

The Red Diary

She's annoyed with me because I keep on asking why she has the same profile pictures for all her online accounts - Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, etc. But you won't be annoyed with her (even if she has the same profile pic all over) as chronicles her life in this blog as a student leader and an ordinary teenager who lives out her life while serving for the greater good of her fellow students.

We Sell Martians

From drinking buddies (just kidding) now we have lovers. Lovers often seal their unending love with a kiss. But Lara and BB chose to seal it with a blog. These two lovers came into prominence when they published their widely circulated post about a senatoriable who ran last elections and almost won Gladly that senatoriable didn't won (sorry no clues for you. :P).

Pedestrian Observer

I may not always agree with what they say but this collaborative blog helps me think and rethink my stand on issues. Many will find it hard to understand some of their posts but you will surely appreciate how they give time and effort to give a deeper look on today's pressing issues.

One more to go. :) If you want your blog to occupy the last spot and you think you are worthy of it, leave your creative comments and responses below and tell me why should I include you on my list.

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  1. Hi Dennio, I hope you'll consider my tiny blue blog on your list. It would be my honor if you'll appreciate my blog and nominate it. Thank you and God speed.

  2. wow. haha ngayon ko lang to nakita. i feel humbled. thanks den :)

  3. kaya lang pala kapatid eh, dapat nagstart lang ng March 2009 hehe. :p pero still thanks sa commentary sa akin :)) apir!

  4. salamat kaibigang Jose Dennio Pascual Lim ^^

  5. Salamat sa pagkilalang ito! Masarap ang pagkilala kapag galing sa kapwa-progresibo!

  6. Hey! :) I'm inviting you to visit tara-na.com. It's a food and travel blog I created to motivate me to explore new places. This blog is inspired by a goal which is to travel the world bit by bit. I would start from my province and then progress to neighboring provinces to nearby countries and so on. :) I wish to wake up someday and just suddenly realize that I have already achieved my goal. So yeah, it's a long term project for myself. :) You may want to consider it for your pick of the top 10 emerging influential blogs of 2010. Thank you! :) And cheers to this writing project!

  7. Hi, I hope you include my very unique music vlog, rabsing.com, in your list. Let your eyes conclude worthiness to your list :D

  8. Hi! Nice choice of blogs! I hope you'll consider Manilablogs.com! It's a blog that teaches wanna-be bloggers on how to start blogging and what to expect when they do eventually start :) I hope this helps make the blogosphere a better place to be in!


  9. Please visit esetpip.blogspot.com, and judge it if it is worthy to be a part of influential blogger 2010. I hope you like it, God Bless and Thank You.

  10. bisitahin ang Kwentulang Marino emanzky88.wordpress.com
    baka sakaling pumasa sa iyong panlasa!

  11. About "We Sell Martians." Ah yes. That famed entry about Miss Risa H. I'm happy as well that she didn't win. Haha. Doon ko din natisod ang blog nila.

    Recent posts:
    In search of Fire trees
    Mga Progresibo sa Parlyamento

  12. Nakiki-plug lang po....

    Kilala mo ba sila ELY, MARKUS, LEMON, at BUDDY? Nagkaroon ba kayo ng KARAOKE MACHINE at nakakanta gamit ang MINUS ONE o MULTIPLEX CASSETTE TAPES? Nag-alaga ka rin ba ng mga mababangong KISSES at umasang manganganak ang mga ito? Alam mo ba ang universal cheat code na UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, B, A, SELECT, START?

    Balik-balikan ang saya ng DEKADA NOBENTA....Pindot na Dito!!

    Sana ay makabisita ka at ma-check mo kung pasado ba ang blog ko sa criteria mo para sa TOP 10 EMERGING INFLUENTIAL BLOGS FOR 2010!!

    Lahat ng tao ay may jologs side!! Rakenrol \m/

  13. Hello Den... You've been following Cebu Tech Blogger since then, and I'll be glad if you will include it on your list. Just spend some time to visit it again, and let's see if the blog qualifies... Thanks...


  14. Hi! Hope you consider my blog (http://manilashopaholic.com) as part of your top 10. I started this blog last March to be able to feature emerging entrepreneurs here in the Philippines. =) Thanks!

  15. Hi there! You might want to check my entertainment blog ATBP! at www.AroundTheBuzzPrimetime.blogspot.com Hope you'll like it and include it on your list. Thanks! :)


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