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0 On Today's Philippine Independence Day

I somehow deplore my previous post a year ago on independence day. I had stated a line there that seems to be not-so true with the fact that some see a hopeless case in the current line of problems that our beloved Philippines has. It would now seem inevitable for some to take up arms and take the fight to the hills. I also deplore the fact that I have restated some lines owned by authors whose names I now cannot remember. (My apologies)


Anyway, I am not supposed to be writing about anything today until I saw the slew of comments made after my comment on why I think that message of Hillary Clinton for our independence day is just another piece of crap.

I am not really quite surprised that a lot find my comment too bitter and that I was dweling too much on the past.

Some gave me unsolicited advices to move on and forget the past so we can move forward - just like an already trashed up relationship (which is what should be because of the unfavorable relationship for us that we currently have with the US).

As expected some would point out that the Spaniards and Japanese did worse. But how can you even say that when the kind of history that is being taught in schools all over the country merely discuss that part of our history wherein some 'power-hungry democratic country' seized our just proclaimed independence and even called us rebels in our own country!

But I guess the common denominator among their comments is that: we look up to America as some sort of a role model and a big brother.

And that most of them I guess, have not known what is life then under the Stars and Stripes. For your reference, you may read my previous post containing a brief summary of what happened during the Philippine-American War.

These comments really made my Independence Day.


I once remembered how I looked up to America as an 'ideal state' and even wished someday that we would be like them.

But as soon as I found out how they treated Filipinos as nigger, bandits, bandido and tulisan, I suddenly feel disgusted at how can a supposedly bastion of freedom and democracy do that to us? I began to doubt that there was a huge cover-up on this topic because I don't remember it being discussed thoroughly unlike other topics in Phil. history such as the abusive friars, slave labor and monopolies during the Spanish period and the rape of our women during the Japanese period.

Water Cure During the Philippine-American War

Photo Courtesy of The New Yorker

Photo Courtesy of

I was about 10 then. I was lucky enough to pick up that book (I forgot the title) and learned what school hadn't taught me.


So I would like again to reiterate my statement:

"As long as the US won't say sorry for the atrocities they commited when they occupied the Philippines and be accountable for the hundreds of thousands of Filipinos killed during the Philippine-American War, which ironically happened after we declared our independence, their greetings are just a piece of crap. Where's our sense of history guys? Alamin ang nakaraan para malaman kung paano natin haharapin ang kinabukasan. :)"

Actually, this is not just about asking for apologies for what they did in the past but is also about the continuing meddling of the US in our affairs.

Since they came to colonize us, our history contains a lot of instances wherein the US is working behind the scenes to make things favorable for them even up to the point of supporting a tyrannical and authoritarian dictator just so their interests would not be harmed.


This is not about how I hate America or how I want the US to be completely destroyed because that would make me act like an imperialist too. This is about letting people know what really happened back then. I know that past is past but if we have become completely ignorant of the past, we allow our past to continually haunt our future. Just like now at how we deplore ourselves for being like this and like that and we are all hands down for America because 'she gave us almost everything' - including AIDS.

But don't get me wrong. I will still celebrate this independence day even if just a few years ago Bonifacio had been excecuted by his fellow compatriots. I will still celebrate this independence day even if the illustrados then seized the credits of the revolution from the masses who ignited it.

Because even if this was a short-lived triumph interrupted by American imperialism, we have shown that we are capable of uniting against a common enemy. This only shows that we can still do it today, not on our individual means, not on individual promises that 'I'll change myself' but collectively as a Filipino people who will by all means bring about lasting changes to this nation.

But to say that we have been truly free is another story.

For the meantime, let us look back and reflect on our past so we will know what we should do for our future.

Ipaglaban ang Kalayaan ng Pilipinas!

Paglingkuran ang Sambayanan!


Postscript: Someone commented that freedom has no use if people are all hungry, I urge that person to read my post on what's the use of 'freedom' that we have right now.

For more on the Philippine American War, click on this links: here and here.



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