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3 Social Life - Part 2

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I had a taste of being an activist. But by the strictest 'standards' of being an activist, I wouldn't consider myself one. I had never joined any rally except that one when we are up in arms against the TOFI. I had never joined a basic masses integration or BMI to really be one with the masses and understand them better.

In short, I was a pseudo activist or a reluctant one to give myself fully to the cause.


As I have mentioned in my previous post, after I had joined my first-ever rally inside the campus, I was invited by one of them to join their group. I just told her to give me some time to think about it, and I'll let her know my decision - after the Christmas break.

So as I attend the Simbang Gabi during the Christmas break, that was one of my prayers. Well, the first one was to drop that someone from up above that I would love, hahaha.. :D (That would be an another story.) Then the other one was to give me a sign if it would be a right decision to join them.

The Christmas break ended still the sign that I'm asking for didn't appear. But I didn't wait for heaven to give it to me. I made the decision that I would go for it - a decision that puzzles me know on why I made it.


But I wasn't able to join them till the next sem. I don't know why I'm uber interested in joining them that even though my contact does not reply to any of my messages, I scoured the internet for possible contact. Lo and behold, I found someone who could have a contact with her. Luckily, he did have.

I don't know if fate had played upon me that day because it was also the same time that they're having an exhibit and a sign-up booth at the 2nd floor of AS.


So to make the long story short, I signed up. They were quite thrilled because I had 'volunteered' myself in joining them. No one had bugged and preached me something about the national democratic movement, etc. I made my decision on my own will.

Maybe, it is because I had been reading some of their articles on their website (which is now gone) and the website of the so-called 'communists' since high school. In fact, the first photos I had in my Friendster account were photos of NPAs doing their work (the photos are still there).

Well during that time, I have been enmeshed in my own fight - a fight against cheaters. (That would be an another story. :D)


In the first few months of being with them, I had religiously attended their Educational Discussions or EDs. I try to go to their 'tambayan' every afternoon so I could catch up with them and talk about anything under the sun - but of course more about on our cause.

During my short stint, I had been really amazed on the zealousness of some of our members who are really active in campaigning and advancing our cause. Their love for our country and the masses cannot almost be matched by anyone else.

Most people think that activists are not good in their studies. I must say that there are quite a few but most of them had been able to balance their time between doing activist and school work. Some of them are even cum laude or magna cum laude standing.


But of course, I am different. I would also like to make it clear to everyone else. I had not been evicted from UP because it had interfered with my studies. It was simply my own fault. I had not studied well. And I had been a 'gago' in the final days of my stay in that university.


Despite 'falling away' from them, I had really learned a lot from my experience. as a pseudo-activist. I learned to be more critical and 'mapanuri' on everything that is happening around us. They had opened up my eyes to most glaring issues of our society which had been usually left out by the mainstream media.

What's more important is that my stay with them taught me to love our country more - and to serve the people.


Before I 'left' them, I had a few disagreements with some of them due to my not-so-nice post about them in my previous blog. Ang mga pagtatalong ito eh medyo umabot sa pagbabato sa akin ng mga masasakit at mapanghusgang mga komento. Still, despite of this untowards incident and some things that I don't agree with them, I still have high regard for them.

Iyun nga lang. I'm already asking my apologies because I would be reposting those articles in my blog here. Still, I do hope, they would have an open mind and heart when they read it. :)



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  1. "What's more important is that my stay with them taught me to love our country more - and to serve the people." :)

  2. I'd never been involve in such cases before but I do wish to become a member of a group which will help me understand more about our nations state and what it needs to achieve success. Well, that's life, you'll never learn if you commit no mistakes.God Bless

  3. re n: :) I do hope you will all learn the same lesson from my blog.

    re lollii-pii: madami po diyan it can be an NGO or the same groups na nakabilangan ko dati. And by the way, I had never regarded it as a mistake that I've joined them. Isa po iyung kakaibang experience - once in a lifetime. :)


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