Sunday, August 30, 2009

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We would surely all agree with what the great philosopher Aristotle told us thousands of years ago: Man is a social animal. Our blogs, Facebook profiles and Twitter accounts prove how we cannot live alone and we always need someone to talk to or connect with others. Sometimes even if we see our friends almost every day, we would still talk them through our cell phones or on the net. We really love to be with others that it seems we cannot survive without them.

That’s why on the web, we have found better ways not just only to connect with our family, friends or co-workers but to also connect with other people who we share common interests. This had been made possible through online forums. Over the past few years, we have seen its exponential growth in terms of the number of people engaging in discussions on forums that have specific themes or topics. We have political forums, tech forums, religion forums and even hobby forums. Any topic, issue or theme that you can think of, you’ll surely find one on the web.

One of these great forums where in you can literally or figuratively share your thoughts is What makes this forum site different from other forums is that you would really feel the urge to engage and share your thoughts with others just by seeing their name. It is literally the convergence of thousands of thoughts posted through their very well categorized message boards.

Although they don’t stick to a particular theme or issue, this only means that these forums can help you to become a very well rounded person because you’ll be in the know not just on one particular topic but on others as well. This offers us an overview on how different aspects of life unfold each day and what we seem to have been missing out due to our very busy schedules. It also gives us the avenue to spill out and share to others our angst, hatred, love, happiness and sadness that is within us. Still, with its wide range of topics, you can surely find your own spot in the forum’s message boards.

This is a really nice way to share your thoughts, feelings and experiences with its thousands of members across the world and hopefully, you’ll also learn a lot from them.


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  1. The disadvantage of these forums is that we are never safe from trolls. Those people who just can't do anything right in life will still haunt us even in message boards. Seriously, moderators should throw them out right away. X(


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