Monday, February 22, 2010

0 Bringing Back the Memories

The past four years of my life had been chronicled in the different blogs I had in the past. In line with my 20th birthday this year, I'm bringing back some of the old posts I had in the past. You may find some posts contradicting to what I am saying now but that I think is part of the process in life that we call 'change.' You will see my evolution from someone who seems not to care about the world to someone who wanted to change everything yet cannot change himself.

After all, there is nothing permanent in this world but change.

As I slowly 'bring back the good old memories of the past', let me not hasten the 'import' feature and process present in Blogger. Allow me to process in the memories and let myself to grieve, to rejoice and relearn the lessons I may have forgotten.

I may also be editing it not to remove some lines or paragraphs that would completely be opposite to what I say now but in terms of its alignment, spacing and adding pictures - to make it look like as same as the other posts here. I won't take out anything from my posts just to make them fit to my current views and beliefs in life.

In the mean time, let me introduce you to some of the earliest blog posts I made way back in 2006. Back then, my blog's named The Dennio Series 2006. Still existing but obviously, I no longer update it and as soon as I finish importing my blog posts, I'll be bringing them down. :)

UNANG POST - obviously, my very first entry into the blogosphere.

ANG HINIHINGI - I don't know what prompted me to write this post or who asked me to write it but nevertheless, it shows how very much interested I am in Philippine trivia and history.

PAPEL - a personal reflection on paper - its uses and significance in our life. My first attempt to be 'philosophical'.

PHILIPPINE FIRSTS - like what I've said, I have a deep interest in everything about the Philippines.

REAL LOVE - a post that contains a story taken from "St. George and the Dragon, and the Quest for the Holy Grail by Edward Hayes" that I've seen as an excerpt in one of my religion books. All how can we distinguish what is God's love from what is not. A timely repost for the Lenten Season and the upcoming elections.

That would be all for now. In the mean time, part two of my previous post will be posted soon.



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