Sunday, March 28, 2010

0 Blinded by Fury

Note: This post was written last February 22. I had completely forgotten to place it here until today, when I found it as I was searching for my previous posts.

Last Friday, as I was going home from school, I probably had one of the most beautiful realizations of my life. It wasn't because something extraordinary had happened to me. Actually, I did nothing but watched everything as it unfolded before me.

Let me share with you what I've seen and realized yesterday.


Before I had alighted the jeep yesterday, I've seen an old man in ragged clothes with a walking stick and can in his hand. He was just standing still helding out his can filled with a few coins. He was probably waiting for people to drop some of their spare coins in his can.

Anyone who would've seen a person in that condition would immediately 'judge' him as a beggar. But I was about to know later that aside from being a beggar, he was also blind.

Later, I found out that he was not actually waiting for someone to drop some coins in his can. He was waiting for someone to help him alight the jeep. Maybe becuase he was pissed off or it was a random act of kindness, the caller (or barker) helped the old man to get in the jeep and told the driver that his destination is in Bangkal (in Malolos City).

We were sitting then at both ends of the jeep - the old man near the entrance so he could get down easily.

Though he was at the other end, I can't stop myself to take a few glimpses of him.


From the first I saw him standing and waiting at the terminal until he went down the jeep, he retained his composure. His face looked serene and peaceful. He seems contented about life despite his condition. He did not show any sign of discomfort or worry.

But what strike me the most is that he seems to have this extraordinary faith within him that he'll be able to get back home safe. He seems quite sure of himself that he is in good hands - that someone from above won't leave him and instead lead him the way even if he cannot see.

That alone made me realize not how lucky I am that I am able to see the wonders of this world but how blinded I am.


I've come to realize how blinded I am by my frustrations in life.

Despite having a complete and normal body, I have not used it to make my life better.

I have failed to use my eyes to see how blessed I am.

I should have instead used my vision to forsee good things happening to me.

I should have not allowed myself to be blinded by my fear of the unknown because it robbed me of the opportunity to grow, learn and offer myself to serve others.

Now, I see things in a better light.

Image Copyright by Jose Dennio P. Lim Jr. Image Taken last March 10, 2010.



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