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10 Why I Will NOT VOTE for NOYNOY

Some people are quite crazy about NoyNoy these days. No, not crazy. Insane would be a much better word. Sa Filipino, mga baliw. They've completely lost their minds attacking people who goes against their belief that their Benigno "NoyNoy" Simeon Aquino III should be the president of this country. Attacks aimed at destroying the credibility of that person. Lately, we have heard how Pia Magalona had been harrassed by Noynoy fans in her blog because she supports Richard Gordon.

What's even worse is that if his fans talk about why they will vote for Noynoy, they cannot give out a clear answer (see samples here: 1, 2, 3). They are instead busy on lambasting his opponents and giving out crazy reasons on why they won't vote for them.

Even their candidate is out of his mind. Ang kapal ng mukha niyang sabihin na kung 'di siya mananalo, mananawagan siya ng People Power. Tsk. Could someone close to him slap his face so he could wake up in his own world?

These things alone give me enough reasons not to vote for him. But I'm going to give you five more reasons why I'm not voting for Benigno "NoyNoy" Simeon Aquino III so just maybe, ponder upon your choice of president.


1. Noynoy is not Ninoy or Cory for that matter.

For the first time in our history (or maybe not), we're going to elect someone as president just because his mama and papa are Ninoy and Cory Aquino. Ok these two people are great. I look up to them as my heroes. But please, can we have better reasons why we should vote Noynoy? Can it be because his sister is a 'great' game show host?

People keep on telling us that because he has good parents, he must be good too. I can be somehow sure that Noynoy is a good son to his father and mother. But if he had been able to live up to the example of his parents, that would be a big question.

If he is really a good son, then he should have espoused the ideals of his parents. He should have been very active in Congress and Senate. He should have authored bills that would benefit the people. He should have called for justice and condemned every single act of repression committed by the State because how his father suffered in prison is one glaring example of how ruthless Martial Law is and how can the State abuse its power to silence dissidents.

But he's not. He's just plain and simple using the legacy of his parents. Ibang level ng gamitan 'to.

May nagsasabi pa na hindi naman daw niya kasalanan kung bakit niya naging magulang sina Ninoy at Cory. Yes, we cannot choose our parents. But just because his parents are Ninoy and Cory, we should vote for him? Hell no. It's just plain 'historical accident.'

2. Noynoy is craving for power.

This is just so disgusting. Some portray him as humble and sincere because he is a reluctant presidential candidate. Hindi raw siya atat at gahaman sa kapangyarihan. WTF. The presidency is not for those who are reluctant, it is for those who knows the implications of being a president and what can be done from that office.

But this had only been quite true from the start because I doubt if he was really sincere then in 'imitating' what his mother done before she accepted the call to run. Right now, we see him issue statements like if he doesn't win, he shall call for People Power. Yes he clarified that it is only if he had been cheated but as we all know, politicians in this country do not accept defeat. It's always either you win or you had been cheated. This kind of statements scares the hell out of me because he thinks that he should be president at all costs.

And please, Noynoy or anyone else for that matter does not hold the franchise for People Power. It belongs to the people. If Noynoy thinks that real People Power that would come from 38% of Filipinos who supports him. Hell no! He should remember that 62% does not like him.

3. Noynoy is not faultless, incorrupt or a 'clean politician as others would like to portray him.

His hands are bloodied by the victims of the Hacienda Luisita Massacre. Most people often see this as a black propaganda aimed at derailing Noynoy's 'victory' on May 10. It is not. But if it is all about Villar's C5 controversy and landgrabbing accusations, these are legitimate issues that Villar should answer. Why the double standard?

The Hacienda Luisita Massacre is one glaring example on how majority of our farmers are still fighting to get their piece of land from landlords such as the Cojuangcos. I can't believe how Noynoy answered this before. He said that he doesn't own much of the HLI so why should he care? Then, he went on to blame that some of these farmers are squatters and that militant groups had meddled in the issue. Then he issued a recent statement that the lands would be given out the farmers by 2014. All of which are only aimed to veer away public scrutiny from what really happened back then.

Aside from that, can his supporters ask Noynoy or anyone from his campaign team from where or whom do they get their campaign ads? They had been attacking Villar on using billions of pesos on his campaign but we are quite sure that its his own money and the hell I care if he spends them all. But how about Noynoy? Where does he gets all this money to air his commercials everyday?

4. Noynoy is plain incompetent.

Yeah his name was not involved in any corruption scandal during his term as a congressman and senator. I'll give it to Noynoy but oh my, twelve years as a lawmaker (nine as a Congressman and three as a Senator) and he hasn't passed or authored any major bill that would benefit the Filipino people? Houston, I think we have a problem.

Try to look at it this way: sinuwelduhan natin ang isang Congressman na hindi naman ginagawa ang kanyang pangunahing trabaho - gumawa ng batas. We've wasted our precious taxpayers' money for nothing. Wala itong pinagkaiba sa mga nangungurakot. Isn't this also a form of corruption? Getting paid for something that you don't do?

If he had not been able to perform his duties well as a lawmaker, can we expect him to do better if he's a President? I guess no. Here's an excerpt from an article published just last April 30 on the NoyPi blog:

If and when he becomes President, Noynoy can hire persons who are competent and with high standard of morality and unquestionable integrity to serve as members of his Cabinet. This will complement any deficiency in his executive ability or experiences.

O di ba, umamin din sila. :)

Doing nothing does not amount to doing something good.

5. Noynoy is clueless about the presidency.

This early, all of his statements or replies to issues are coming from his spokespersons and minions. Does this ring a bell? Very much Gloria Arroyo. He rarely answers questions himself. Unlike other candidates who talk to the media themselves most of the time. What does it tell us? If he's not even prepared to face the media, then how will he face criticisms once he become president? Maybe, he'll heed the advice of Risa Hontiveros.

Aside from that, he's clueless about almost everything. He doesn't know why the HL issue is related to him? (Or maybe he's just being plain stupid about this.) He does not know that by opening up our country more to foreign investors would only kill our local industries and make us dependent on them. He does not know that the main reason why a lot are jobless is not only because of job scarcity but because of repressive state policies like that one which allow companies to hire employees on a contractual basis. He does not understand that land reform is a central issue that needs to be addressed not by dull promises but by concrete plans and actions that would be in favor of the farmers. He does not understand.

Pero do we expect him to understand these things? No. Because the fact the he's an Economics graduate but does not even have a comprehensive, clear and concret platform on that issue, that alone makes him really clueless.

So who will I vote for President if I don't want NoyNoy, Villar, Erap and Gibo? Right now, I'm planning to skip my vote for the presidency but just so I can express my protest against these irrational people who will vote for Noynoy, I'm takng my pick among those who are at the bottom of the surveys. After all, these people are also legitmate choices. They even present a much better platform than this Hepa-guy. I won't settle for anything less.

If you want to see principled leaders, performs their duties as lawmakers and is consistent in its fight for the people in Congress, you need to know why you should vote for KABATAAN PARTYLIST.

In the mean time, let me share with you some people who will not vote for Noynoy too. No big fan of their websites but I agree with their points. Some of which are written long ago, after he announced his candidacy:

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Noynoy Aquino, what change will you bring???

Disclaimer: I am not working for any presidential candidate. I am currently affiliated with KABATAAN PARTYLIST and though we are under the MAKABAYAN COALITION which has an alliance with NACIONALISTA PARTY, I will not vote for Manny Vilar. Currently out of my list for presidentiables are Noynoy, Villar, Erap and Gibo.

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  1. Me too. will not vote for noynoy. we have the same views.

  2. correct! Correct! I am earnestly praying he will not win.

  3. so for this thing, if you don't mind at all, who are you picking at as the next president?

  4. To Anonymous: Out of my list are Noynoy, Erap, Villar and Gibo. Most likely I'll go for Perlas or Jamby based on their platforms.

  5. Just saw that you linked to my blog. Thank you. ^_^

    As for me, I will not vote Noynoy in May 10. I have been observing him for the whole duration of the campaign but he and his team focused on mudslinging and smear campaigns.

    And I do not like that because a good president does not want to have a country divided because of the politics. Their black propaganda contributed to the total fragmentation of this nation.

    If he ever win, he will have to lead a nation that is full division thanks to the black propaganda that they espouse during the campaign season.

  6. I couldn't agree more..

  7. I too will not vote for Noynoy even if I will be voting this coming elections. Noynoy must first prove himself by starting in little things or duties first. If from the start he didn't act on small problems in the Philippines, how can he handle the BIG crisis in our country?

  8. super agreed. he totally relied on his parents popularity. i think that if his father were alive, he wouldnt be proud of his son's work for the past 12 years which is NONEXISTENT. huh.. he will win though.. :(

    bestpinayblogger :))


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